Get the right handbag for the wedding season

It’s the wedding season and that means adding some exciting new additions to your handbag collection.

Everybody wants to look their best for the happy couple and of course, the wedding photos that will last a lifetime! Essential to not only take into consideration the style of your chosen handbag, functionality mustn’t be overlooked. Questions have to be asked is there room for your makeup? Tissues for when emotions get the better of you, not forgetting the Confetti?

Whether you’ve opted for a minimal dress or have gone for a eye catching two piece, we’ve got the perfect handbag to accompany your outfit for the all important wedding season.

The clutch Bag

The humble well tested and popular clutch bag is the go to bag for weddings.

Ideal because it’s small and neat and looks great with most wedding outfits no big nag hanging over your with loads and loads of stuff you don’t really need for a wedding.

Very handy for the very basics, lipstick, money, tissues, and confetti. What more does a girl need at a wedding?