Crossbody Travel Bag

Cross body Travel Bag
Using a cross body bag for regular travel is much better than just a regular bag.

Cross body travel bagWhen you travel you need a bag that you can take on the plane with you as we all know too well about the bag size rules on planes.

Cross Body Bags are great if you are sightseeing around Europe,or further afield they can also double as a camera bag, carry a water bottle & perhaps a guidebook as well as all your day to day needs.

You’ll need to keep your bag organised so having pockets is essential.

Cross body bags make great travel handbags because they can carry good weight and distribute it easily across your shoulder which in turn can allow your arms to be free perhaps to snap photos, read maps or hold onto a child if you’re traveling with children. A cross body bag is the best ideal bag for travel because they are large enough to fit most things you need for the day, comfortable to wear and still somewhat stylish.

Cross body bags really are ideal travel bags for Europe because of the anti theft technology that many of them have. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your bag can’t be cut open from the bottom or shoulder strap if you choose a cross body bag with anti theft features. Keep your credit cards safe with built in protective pockets. To avoid pickpockets, many of the popular cross body bags have latches on the zippers meaning they can’t be subtly opened while you’re looking elsewhere.

What to Look for in a Cross body Bag
Size – You need to pick a bag large enough to fit your items no matter what they are. It needs to sit comfortably against your body without protruding to much. An adjustable shoulder strap is also really useful if you’re tall or small.

Compartments – Having a bag with multiple compartments is essential for you to stay organised and get your hands on what you need when you need it. I find it most useful to keep like items together in compartments. My wallet, passport & phone go in one (lockable) compartment. In another I keep my camera, guidebook and water bottle. Little bits and pieces like lip balm, hand sanitzer and tissues go in another.

Anti-theft technology – I think this is essential when picking any type of cross body bag as you want your items to be as secure as possible more so if you are travelling. Losing a camera full or precious pictures or getting your wallet stolen could ruin any holiday. Anti-theft technology like slash proof mesh through the body of the bag or a slash proof wire through the shoulder strap can stop bag slashers in their tracks. Lockable compartments are ideal for keeping your passport, money and valuables secure when you’ve got your eyes on other things while wandering a city. RFID proof compartments for credit cards and passports keep your digital information safe.

Style – No one wants an ugly cross body bag! Black is a safe choice in most cases and will look like a regular handbag. Many of cross body bags come in multiple colors so you can pick one that matches the color scheme you’ve chosen to help compliment your day.